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The revival of Islam in our homes, our schools and our communities is necessary for the success of Muslims in this life and the next. Alhamdulillah, many Muslims in this country understand this and are striving to educate themselves and their children about Islam. Inshallah, with their efforts the children will be able to do great dawah work in this country and carry out the mission of our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him).

Nida-ul-Islam is an organization that has been striving for this very goal for more than a decade. Its prime objective is to learn and teach Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike, thus forming an Islamic community. Twenty years ago, Nida-ul-Islam purchased land in Teaneck, NJ to build an Islamic Center. Due to unjust legal problems brought up by the town and state, efforts to complete the project were stalled for a number of years. Even though they did not have a masjid, its members still rigorously tried to educate themselves and the Muslim youth of this community about Islam. Over the years, Nida-ul-Islam held classes for Islamic studies and organized ijtamas, conferences, and fairs. Alhumdulillah, due to their efforts an Islamic awareness has developed among the people of the community, particularly the youth, many of who have gone on to further educate themselves about Islam. Students have studied various Islamic sciences as well as the Arabic language.

By the infinite grace and mercy of Allah, this community is blessed with a scholar whose sole purpose for coming to this country is to propagate this deen. He graduated as a mufti from one of India’s top Islamic universities and is educated in many Islamic sciences, ranging from the recitation of the Quran to in-depth knowledge of fiqh. With him at hand Nida-ul-Islam was ready to open a madrasah (Islamic school) whose main goal is to teach the Quran. In this short period of three years, the school, named Saut-ul-Furqaan (the voice of the Quran) was able to produce 5 huffaaz with more still to come, inshallah. Along with memorization of the Quran the school’s curriculum consists of courses in tajweed (pronunciation of Arabic letters), qiraat (manners of reading the Quran), and basic fiqh. Inshallah, alim courses for high school students will soon be added.

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A little about Mufti Abdul Muqtadir Sikandar

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Mufti Abdul Muqtadir completed memorization of the Quran during his early teens at Darul Uloom Khaleeliyah in India. He graduated as an Alim in 1993 from the renowned Madrasah, Jami’ah Islamiyyah Ta’leem Uddin Dabhel (Darul Uloom Dabhel). He studied Hadith under Shaykh Muhammad Ikram Ali (former Bukhari instructor at Darul Uloom Deoband), Mufti Ahmed Khanpuri, and Shaykh Waajid Hussain. He then completed the Iftaa Course at the same institution under the guidance of Mufti Mehmoud Hassan Gangohi and Mufti Ahmed Khanpuri, and graduated as a Mufti in 1995.

Aside from his knowledge in Fiqh and Hadith, Mufti Abdul Muqtadir possesses more auspicious knowledge. He completed the study of Sab’ah Qiraa’aat in 1993 at the same institution under Qari Ahmedullah (former head Qari at Darul Uloom Deoband) and later completed Asharah Qiraa’aat in 1995.

After his studies, Mufti Abdul Muqtadir taught for two years at Darul Uloom Dabhel, then migrated to the US. He taught in Darul Uloom Buffalo for one year, then moved to Teaneck, New Jersey. Since then, Mufti Abdul Muqtadir has been serving as an imam at Nida Ul Islam. He teaches at Saut Ul Furqan Academy for Hifdh and Islamic Studies.

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